You need to reach out to the customer service number and talk to one of our associates on the specs you want on your bike. We can meet all your needs. Whether its a specific color or special components. It does take a few additional weeks to get the bike, however, it will be your special bike!

We take credit cards, cash or finance

Serial number is below the crankcase (Bottom of the bike frame near the pedals).

Reach out to us, we can help you locate an authorized shop to fix your little mishap.

Reach out to us, we will help you with an authorized mechanic.

The bike may weigh as much as 17.5 lbs to 18.5 lbs.

Its a personal choice at the end of the day. But more often than not, the suggestion is the smaller size due to the fact that you can adjust various settings of the bike to be in between your two sizes. The bigger bike would be less flexible to your needs and may end up being uncomfortable.

Yes, even though it’s calculated the same way, each gender has different sizing. Some of the reasons why its different is that women have a shorter upper body than men which means that the geometry of the bike changes. Also men tend to be taller than women.

Road bikes are usually sized in centimetres

Take your shoes off, back against he wall. Take a book and place it between your legs,leveled with your crotch. Afterwards, measure the from the floor to the top of the book. If a friend helps, its a lot easier.

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